EduExcellence in Colombia: We learned from Finland, the # 1 in education in the world

The seminar “Day of Teachers” of the Autonomous University of Manizales,  the Finnish teaching model was replicated.

In the Autonomous University of Manizales the Teachers’ Day was made from workshops prepared by 25 professors participating in the course guided by the Haaga Helia University in Finland, in which they learned tools of the Finnish model as: the development based on the inquiry , digital tools and team collaborative work; replicating what they learned in the course to their peers.

Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO EduExcellence Ltd. was a keynote speaker in Bogota 22nd of March.

En la Universidad Autónoma de Manizales se realizó la Jornada de Docentes a partir de talleres elaborados por  25 profesores participantes en el curso orientado por la Universidad de Haaga Helia en Finlandia, en el cual  aprendieron herramientas del modelo finlandés como: el desarrollo basado en la indagación, herramientas digitales y trabajo colaborativo en equipo; replicando así lo aprendido en el curso a sus pares

Aprendimos de Finlandia, el #1 en educación del mundo

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