Our programme solutions cover tailored certificates, as well as diploma and degree programmes for organisations and companies. We are your partners in preparing a practical educational path for developing future competences.

Tailored certificates, diplomas and degree programmes

EduExcellence has a vast experience in tailoring programmes to governments, corporations, companies, international organisations, trusts and funds both, in the public and private sectors. Our extensive areas of expertise and the presence of our global professionals mean that we can serve a wide range of industries for different kinds of programmes.

We provide tailor-made and on-demand degree programmes, both Bachelor and Master (Post Graduate) levels based on about 40 different majors in English language from the three Universities of Applied Sciences: Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. Degree programmes are mostly based on general programmes but some tailoring can be made based on customers’ needs. The programmes are mainly carried out in Finland in our campuses but can also be modified to be provided in your country and campus.

Certificates are somewhat abridged versions of full-degree programmes of study in specialised fields that can provide much-needed skills and knowledge in specific areas. While certificates are not a substitute for a degree, these programmes provide comprehensive coverage of a particular topic and award a certificate of completion at the end of the course of study.

A diploma is a higher education qualification covering a certain amount of studies. A diploma programme can provide valuable specialised skills, knowledge and experiences. Diplomas help you to bridge the gap between secondary school and university, or between undergraduate and graduate study. We can provide graduate and post-graduate diplomas, higher-level diplomas, all based on your organisation’s needs.

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