All our solutions and consultancy are based on the Finnish cross-disciplinary and competence-based learning model.

We create comprehensive solutions to help our clients maximise benefits of university-industry collaboration.

We can tailor and create comprehensive solutions from all these main areas of expertise discussed below:

The educational system and respect for education have a direct correlation to a nation’s economic and social development. The level of pedagogy and methods of learning have an influence on the motivation of and respect for the teaching profession, students’ learning performance and a university’s overall evaluation and standing. It is easier to respond to the needs of corporate and societal growth when education and competency efforts are innovative and targeted for change.

Innovative growth is based on modern pedagogy

Finnish education system and modern pedagogy models are widely known and highly appreciated globally. Our own path from a poor country to one of the world’s most innovative economies and a nation of equal opportunities gives us strong evidence-based expertise on building work-life driven education for growth. That is why we understand the needs of corporations and world of work, and we know how to fit them together through education and learning. We start with a current state study to map out your needs, and help you to build a clear vision and path to the competencies needed for your change.

Our holistic offering in modern education consists of the following:

Study and training programmes:

  • Training in modern pedagogy for academics and lecturers
  • Education management master’s programme for leaders
  • Early childhood education
  • Special needs teacher and guidance counsellor education
  • Train the trainer programmes


  • Competence-based curriculum design
  • Quality assurance in education
  • Education system reform and development

Our planet is facing severe threats from climate change and urbanisation, as well as from such things as waste and sewage treatment. We must seek sustainable solutions to these problems, and modern technology will be part of this.  A lot of  innovation is taking place, which will help nations, cities and individuals start addressing these challenges. Do you have the competencies to address your nation’s or society’s challenges with modern technology and innovation?

Our knowledge, experience and insights can help find educational solutions to develop future technologies competencies for your needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Modernising competence and education development programmes for Industry 4.0 needs
  • New cross-disciplinary competence development curriculum design
  • Degree/Certificate Programmes for Industry 4.0 / Future Technologies
    Trainings and projects on Cybersecurity, Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Blockchain, Circular Economy, Clean and Sustainable Solutions, Gaming, Intelligent Cities, Internet of Things, AR/VR/XR, Robotics, Smart Mobility.

Finnish entrepreneurship and business knowhow and work-life driven education are based on proven concepts regarding learning environments and university/industry collaboration. We integrate the latest and best knowledge from all stakeholders and create ecosystems where all parties learn, thrive and create. With EduExcellence solutions we can help you to develop strategies, design concepts and provide the students with competencies that create more jobs, innovation and businesses in your environment.

Our comprehensive programmes for business, innovation and entrepreneurship education include the following:

  • Degree and diploma programmes in international business, international sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, service design and innovation, sport coaching and management, winter sports administration and maintenance management
  • Intensive courses in venture creation, lean start-up, coaching, business incubation and acceleration, service design for private and public sector service delivery development
  • Consultancy, such as new cross-disciplinary competence development curriculum design, tailoring studies for designing and implementing programmes in your local environment, operating and co-working in an incubator space.

With our knowledge and skilled training, you will learn concepts and operation models to establish entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, and boost entrepreneurship and innovation in both your region and organisation.  

Finland has one of the most efficient health care and hospital systems in the world. We are also a leader in creating new technological innovations in health and wellness, digital sensors and hospital technologies. Our innovative capability is based on our education, research, economic system and close collaboration of universities, companies and public sector. Practical training is our strong area, tested in special skills education.

Elements of our comprehensive health care solutions include the following:

  • Upskilling training courses in nursing, radiology, diabetes and nutrition, cardiovascular health, elderly care, midwifery, emergency care, infection prevention
  • Degree programmes and curriculum design in special expertise areas
  • Basic health care and hospital competencies, as well as education and training in nursing
  • Consultancy of hospital system needs and partnership development, building simulation and laboratory environments for practical training

Health and wellbeing knowhow are the core investment in the future. The balance required to maintain wellbeing can change over time, across cultures and among individuals. We start our consultancy in assessing the current state of competencies, and from there help find a path to future needs.

With EduExcellence expertise you can improve your own life and skills, as well as help others.

Service industry grows with the economic development of nations. Travel and tourism attract more and more companies to invest in services, and the degree of hospitality will become a competitive factor in all service sectors. To benefit from this trend, both companies and nations need to offer the right service level for their clients. 

EduExcellence can offer hospitality and tourism solutions and education in these areas:

  • Degree programmes in the areas of hospitality, tourism and experience management
  • Intensive courses in aviation and tourism business venture creation, hospitality and restaurant business, strategic brand management and experience management
  • Consultancy on setting up a hospitality educational institution

The programmes will develop communication skills, as well as intercultural and personal competencies, in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the cultural and social conditions that affect the industry.