Press release 26.5.2020: Finnish Experts to Support Professional Skills Development in South Africa

Press release 26.5.2020

Finnish Experts to Support Professional Skills Development in South Africa

EduExcellence, a global education service provider, and BluNova, a South African IT company, have agreed to collaborate on expert consultancy and cooperation in building and piloting a Decision Science Accelerator in South Africa.

The goal of the the Decision Science Accelerator development programme is to facilitate the recruitment of BluNova experts directly from universities and to integrate them faster into working life. BluNova has been studying applied learning models of Finnish higher education, with the goal of integrating an innovative touch into their own unique model.

In the first phase of the collaboration, EduExcellence, provides expert support in planning and facilitating a virtual hackathon. The aim of this hackathon with a South African university is to strengthen the skills of university students in understanding the basics of business, as well as in entrepreneurial and customer orientation in data science, among other things.

“We have recognised a worldwide interest in the Finnish work-based learning model, bridging higher education and industry needs”, says Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO of EduExcellence. “As a provider of Finnish higher education expertise, we are delighted to be the educational partner that will be contributing to the upskilling of South African professionals for the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

More information:

Tuija Pulkkinen
CEO, EduExcellence Oy
[email protected]
Tel +358 50 527 7258


About EduExcellence: EduExcellence is a global education service provider of three major metropolitan-area universities of applied sciences (Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia) in Finland. Founded in 2017, EduExcellence has development programmes not only in South Africa but also in China and Latin America. More on EduExcellence.

About BluNova: BluNova is a mobile technology company, part of Blue Label Telecoms in South Africa. More on Blue Label Telecoms.