Press release 1.6.2020: EduExcellence and Helsinki Business College are expanding together into new markets

Press release 1.6.2020

EduExcellence and Helsinki Business College are expanding together into new markets

EduExcellence, a Finnish global education service provider, and Akademia Scandinavia Sarl, a Moroccan consulting and training company, have signed a business agreement on degree programmes in Finland. A business professional qualification training programme is implemented by Helsinki Business College (HBC), and the first group of Moroccon students will start a one-and-a-half-year professional qualification programme in business in August 2020.

Qualification in Business (QB) is a concise, English-language secondary education programme that provides students with comprehensive basic skills in for example business, marketing, logistics and entrepreneurship. In addition to contact and distance learning, the QB programme includes for example business cooperation and internships. The QB programme gives students both excellent working life skills and an opportunity to continue their university studies.

“Akademia Scandinavia Private Sarl AU wants to increase its role as an on-demand degree operator of undergraduate students, especially in MENA countries. So far, only a small proportion of students going abroad end up in Finland, but there is a great interest in the Finnish education system. Our ambition is to promote Finnish top-level studying opportunities in North Africa, ”says Ria Öhrnberg-Autio, APartners Oy Ltd, the founder of Akademia Scandinavia.

“Collaboration with Akademia Scandinavia and HBC offers a great pathway to Finnish higher education, especially for our three shareholder universities”, says Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO of EduExcellence.

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CEO, EduExcellence
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puh. +358 50 527 7258


About EduExcellence: EduExcellence is a global education service provider of three major universities of applied sciences (Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia) in Finland. Founded in 2017, EduExcellence has development programmes not only in Africa but also in China and Latin America. More on EduExcellence.

About Akademia Sarl: Moroccon consulting and training company owned by a Finnish consulting company APartners. More on APartners.