Universidad de la Cordillera and EduExcellence Ltd. launch a significant collaboration project


EduExcellence Ltd. and Universidad de la Cordillera signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in Helsinki on 30th November 2018, to provide Finnish educational services in Bolivia through Universidad de la Cordillera. The agreement includes all fields of education offered by the Helsinki Metropolitan area Universities of Applied Sciences – Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. EduExcellence Ltd. is the biggest provider of educational services produced by Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The universities agreed on the first steps for the implementation plan in Helsinki this week. The collaboration project will start in 2018.

“Latin America and the world have much to learn from quality and equity of Finland’s education. Finnish education offers a paradigm shift for the world by building a new society through education change and innovation, based on trust, resilience, pragmatism, and productivity as its core values”, says CEO of Universidad de la Cordillera Andreas Torrez Villa-Gomez.

“We are delighted to start this cooperation. We want to help the Universidad de la Cordillera in its vision to develop the economy and create a paradigm shift in education in Bolivia”, says CEO of EduExcellence Ltd. Tuija Pulkkinen.

More information

Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO, EduExcellence Ltd.
tel. +358 40 573 6317

Andreas Torrez Villa-Gomez, CEO, Universidad de la Cordillera
tel. +591 77 588 999

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Learning Soft Skills in Peacebuilding conference was organized in Leppävaara campus 19th of September

The objective of this conference was to present findings concerning training design and collect good practices from military, civilian and police training experts about training practices when preparing personnel to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

​The conference was targeted to experts working with training and education in peacebuilding from academia, policymaking and training institutes (civilian, police, military).

Personnel deployed on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) missions need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform successfully from the start of their tour of duty in the respective CSDP mission or operation. The Gaming for Peace (GAP) project has consulted experts in the field and reviewed broadly relevant documentation, and identified gaps in training for the soft skills needed to perform successfully in EU missions. Based on this analysis a set of curricula and a specific methodology, multiple player online game, is currently under development in the GAP consortium.

GAP project creates a knowledge around the importance of cultural awareness and self-awareness

One of the universities in this project, Kennedy Institute, has co-operated with Laurea in two different projects. First one is the GAP project and the other one is IECEU project which is a project that looks the effectiveness of EU missions that are deployed abroad to try to build peace around the world.

“I must say, we have had very close connections with Laurea. We are very impressed with the level of investment to research and teaching within this area”, Keiran Doyle from Kennedy Institute says.

The wider influence of GAP project is that it creates a knowledge around the importance of cultural awareness and self-awareness for people and agencies as they deploy in to peace building environments.

“We live in a very connected world, the implications of actions by people at every level within the Peace Building mission can be very influential and perhaps even at times catastrophic. I think if GAP project can build a tool, an instrument that can help people to work in that environment, I think that’s very important contribution to Peace Building”, Keiran Doyle tells.

“The goal of GAP is to think about the social skills peacekeepers need and to train them to work with people who are different than themselves. Whether that is different organization, gender, sexuality, culture among other things”, Principal Investigator Dr. Anne Holohan, Trinity College Dublin, the coordinator of GAP project explains.

There are already existing games that teach soft skills, communication and cooperation, but not yet in the Peace Building context. -“And we are also interested in the roleplaying aspect, to get people play with their online character is something different from already existing games, Dr. Anne Holohan tells.

In the workshops participants were developing the design of the game

The GAP project develops an innovative game environment where Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) personnel can experience a range of real life simulated scenarious. real life ge of real-life simulated scenarios.

The participants in the workshops were planning for example how the game is going to look like and feel like and what kind of movement there will be in the game.

Picture 1. Workshop in Leppävaara Campus

One participant of this conference was Jari Mustonen, who has worked as a peacekeeper for different operations around the world for seven years. Jari has also participated a one day workshop for GAP project before. “This is very promising project. I think gaming can be used as a tool when training soft skills. We should also always remember to include face to face communication to the training. It is great that this is not only national but international project focused on EU missions”.

Minister of Health of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia H.E. Dr. Tawfig AlRabia visited Metropolia UAS

The Minister of Health of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia H.E. Dr. Tawfig AlRabia and his delegation visited Metropolia UAS on Thu 10.8.2017 as a part of the official visit to Finland.

Saudi Arabia has shown very much interest in the Finnish Education System and is seeking for mutual cooperation opportunities with the Finnish Universities in this regard.

The delegation was hosted by Mr Simo Mustila, Director of Finance and Administration and Dr. Ms Katri Luukka, Director of Continuing Education and Enterprise Services.

The discussed topics included Health and Social Care Education, Health Technology Education as well as collaboration between education services and enterprises.

More information about the delegations visit to Finland can be found here.

Metropolia UAS cooperates in education export via EduExcellence Ltd, a new education export company owned jointly by three universities of applied sciences operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area – Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and Laurea. The company aims to become one of the leading education export organisations in the Finnish higher education sector.
Further information

Katri Luukka
Director, Continuing Education and Enterprise Services
Metropolia UAS
p. +358 40 573 6728

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A Finnish degree programme is delivered overseas – Haaga-Helia launches a four-year programme in Mexico

This August, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences launched a Bachelors degree programme in Mexico. The four-year Degree Programme in International Business is delivered in cooperation with the Mondragón University in Querétaro, and is one of the first Finnish degree programmes that can be completed fully in another country.

Starting initially with fifteen students, the Degree Programme in International Business is tailor-made to the needs of employers and entrepreneurs in Latin America. The core subjects are customer relationship management, communications and supply chain management. The programme offers Finnish best practices and pedagogical and curricular expertise with a strong international focus that allows students to spend part of their studies in other countries including Finland and China.

“We are delighted to have this cooperation with Haaga-Helia. We share the same values and a common approach to the development of teaching and learning. Haaga-Helia is an academically and pedagogically innovative institution with a human-centred, practical and solution-focused approach. It is a perfect partner for us,” says Mondragón University Rector Arturo Alvarado.

“This is an important opening for Haaga-Helia and Finnish education exports. We see great opportunities in this area, and future growth will come from the international market. Degree exports offer a flexible way to sell our education products to other countries. The global education market is worth around €3.3 trillion. The biggest demand – as much as 90 percent – is in degree education. The value of Finnish education exports is expected to reach €350 million by 2018. Our aim is to keep growing as an international university of applied sciences. In our education exports, we have always taken profitability as the starting point. We want to compete on quality and courses delivered to a high standard – not on price. The Finnish education brand is very strong, and we have built excellent consortia to service a variety of markets and needs,” says Haaga-Helia President Teemu Kokko.

Students are required to pass a detailed admission process that incorporates both Finnish and Mexican entry requirements. The programme will be delivered by teachers from both Haaga-Helia and Mondragón, and the intention is to continue developing the programme further. Mondragón University is a private cooperative university and part of the Mondragón Corporation, which is based in the Basque Country in Spain. The corporation encompasses 260 enterprises and employs 80,000 people around the world. In 2016, Mondragón Corporation, Alecop and the Mondragón University established the Mondragón Education International, which operates universities in Mexico and Columbia and four higher education centres in Saudi Arabia.
Further information:

President Teemu Kokko, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, tel. +358 (0)50 555 1131, teemu.kokko@haaga-helia.fi

Vice-President Minna Hiillos, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, tel. +358 (0)50 583 9521, minna.hiillos@haaga-helia.fi


Tuija Pulkkinen appointed sales director for EduExcellence

The international education service provider EduExcellence Ltd. has appointed Tuija Pulkkinen as its new sales director. Pulkkinen will take up the post on 16 August and will also serve as the company’s managing director.

EduExcellence Ltd. is a new education export company owned jointly by three universities of applied sciences operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area – Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and Laurea. The company aims to become one of the leading education export organisations in the Finnish higher education sector. EduExcellence offers a range of education services including vocational teacher training and tailor-made continuing/further education services. Pulkkinen will be responsible for international sales and marketing of the education product offerings of the three institutions.

Pulkkinen has over 20 years’ experience in international business management and sales, having worked in major organisations and growing businesses in countries across Asia and Europe. In recent years, Pulkkinen has been running her own start-up, which offers services aimed at developing customer-focused and digital approaches for private, public and third-sector enterprises. Pulkkinen is a founding partner of the first programme of the Amsterdam-based THNK School of Creative Leadership and Innovation.

Further information:

EduExcellence Ltd., Chairman of the Board Jouni Ahonen, tel. +358 (0)50 518 8151, jouni.ahonen@haaga-helia.fi


Master’s-level Degree in Health Business Management exported to Sri Lanka

Master's-level Degree in Health Business Management exported to Sri Lanka

In the picture HRMI’s Head of Operations, Netthasinghe Nanayakkara Dilani Wathsala and Metropolia’s President, Managing Director Riitta Konkola and Director, Continuing Education and Enterprise Services Katri Luukka. Pictures: Kati Mailander.

Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI) and Metropolia UAS have signed 13.6.2017 a partnership agreement regarding Master’s-level Degree Programme in Health Business Management. The agreement was signed by the Human Resource Management Institute’s Head of Operations, Netthasinghe Nanayakkara Dilani Wathsala and Metropolia’s President, Managing Director Riitta Konkola and Director, Continuing Education and Enterprise Services Katri Luukka.

The training will be conducted in accordance with the franchising model and will be held in Sri Lanka. At the beginning, Metropolia’s share of the implementation is wider, but the responsibility will be gradually shifted to the Sri Lankan trainer. The teaching takes place both as contact teaching in Sri Lanka and as via online learning. Every year, three implementations will be started, each involving around 15 students.

Netthasinghe Nanayakkara Dilani Wathsala and Senior Lecturer Gamage Don Ranga Anil Kumara from HRMI are currently getting acquainted with Metropolia under the guidance of Lecturer Kimmo Seppänen. The weeks agenda includes such topics as marketing, student recruitment, degree qualifications, contents, teaching methods and evaluation. During the week’s program, they will familiarize with the Finnish education system and the degree programmes they are especially interested in. They also have some corporate visits in their agenda.

“This is a great opportunity for Metropolia and Finland. Our confidential partnership between Sri Lanka is now beginning to bear fruit,” says Director Katri Luukka.

“The HRMI and Metropolia partnership will open a new chapter in the annals of higher education in Sri Lanka,” comments Netthasinghe Nanayakkara Dilani Wathsala.
Other collaborations in Sri Lanka

Metropolia’s two health care specialists, Päivi Haapasalmi, Head of Department in Health Care Diagnostic Services and Service Management and Riitta Lumme, Principal Lecturer, will travel to Sri Lanka at the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) in September 2017 and will conduct on-site skills tests for local Bioanalytic students. Based on this, the need for further training will be estimated and, according to the preliminary plans, students will arrive in Finland in January 2018.

Increasing foreign trade will bring much-needed new revenue streams for Metropolia. Foreign trade includes in addition to education sales, other products and services developed in the context of research, development and innovation as well as education.
Further information

Katri Luukka
Director, Continuing Education and Enterprise Services
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
p. +358 40 573 6728

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